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Sports Bar New York

The Slate-NY is a sports bar with a difference. In the heart of New York, this one-of-a-kind sports bar is the perfect choice for just about any event, from a bachelor party to a corporate conference or event. There are a number of pool tables within the facility and in fact, the Slate-NY entire theme is centralized on pool and pool playing. However, as a sports bar the Slate-NY has ranked as one of New York's finest, whereas opposed to conventional sports bar's, the Slate-NY allows patrons and event attendees to enjoy an unusual collection of floor spaces and an assortment of areas which can cater to intimate gatherings, or ballrooms that can easily accommodate hundreds of guests for a ball or gala event. However, as a sport bar in New York, the Slate-NY has a full service bar, and a trendy restaurant that will undoubtedly cater to the needs of hungry patrons. It is, however, all efforts which have been made to make certain that the trendy New York venue is the ultimate in elegance and sophistication and for party planners, the Slate-NY's full range of services makes it one of the most sought-after venues in New York.

If you are planning a bachelor party or a get together with friends, this phenomenal sports bar in New York is the best choice for either corporate or personal events and because the Slate-NY has a wide selection of venues that include private lounges, a ballroom lounge and bar, a private VIP lounge plus a dining room, it can easily become a perfect venue for any type of event. However, perhaps the most unusual and appealing feature of this well-appointed sports bar in the heart of New York City is the almost-obsessive use of pool tables; however, these very tables have proven to be a focal point for many parties, especially for sport bar attendees. If you are keen in booking this trendy and well-appointed venue, please view our website and click on the "plan a party" link where online users can add their personal details, after which time, the Slate-NY party planners will make contact with customers to offer assistance with the all party planning arrangements.

Please feel free to view our website, http://www.slate-ny.com, to view the stunning image gallery which affords online users a chance to appreciate the trendy and stylish facilities of this unique sports bar in New York. In addition, the Slate-NY website affords online users the chance to explore the variety of venue choices which include, the pool side suite, a private studio, a private VIP lounge and a back dining room, each of which are able to accommodate large numbers of guests and every venue within the Slate-NY has been purposefully designed to be able to serve as a venue for any sort of event, be it a bachelor party, or a more laid back and relaxed get-together. A better option would be to visit the Slate-NY's sport bar, which is located at 54 West 21 Street, New York City.

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54 West 21st Street NYC 10010 | T: 212.989.0096 | E: info@slate-ny.com  
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